Your workshop cleaning, Our solution

Are you looking for effective cleaning agents for workshop cleaning? Our high-quality products are specially developed to meet even the toughest challenges in workshops.

Effortless cleaning of oil, grease and dirt

Our workshop cleaning solutions effortlessly remove oils, greases, lubricants and stubborn dirt from workbenches, floors, machines and other surfaces.g from oils, greases and dirt Thanks to our advanced formulas, you can clean your workshop quickly and thoroughly without compromising on quality.

Diverse product range, tailored to your needs

Our range of products for workshop cleaning includes many options tailored to the needs of your workshop. Whether you’re looking for all-purpose cleaners, degreasers or specialty cleaning products, we have the right solution for you.

Rely on proven quality

Rely on our proven cleaning products to keep your workshop in top shape. Make your work easier and ensure a safe and clean working environment.

Discover our workshop cleaning solutions today and make your workshop shine!

AUTOMATENREINIGER universal Kanister




Efficient workshop cleaning: For clean and safe work floors

In workshops, floors are subject to heavy wear and play a crucial role in the safety and efficiency of your work processes. Therefore, regular floor cleaning is indispensable.

For demanding requirements, especially for alkali-resistant floor coverings with intensive soiling, we recommend our ROBOT-AUTOMATENREINIGER intensiv. This product is specially designed to effectively remove even the most stubborn dirt.

For the regular care of your workshop floors we recommend our ROBOT-AUTOMATENREINIGER universal. It is versatile and ensures that your floors are always clean and ready for use.

Our products are suitable for both manual and machine cleaning with automatic cleaning machines.

Workshop cleaning made easy with ROBOTAN cleaners

In demanding work environments, reliable workshop cleaning is of great importance. Our ROBOTAN cleaners have been specially developed to effectively remove oily and greasy residues from stainless steel, aluminum and brass.

Versatile application possibilities in various industries

The ROBOTAN product series has earned an excellent reputation especially in the metalworking industry, in machine and vehicle construction as well as in the electronics industry. Our cleaners offer a wide range of application possibilities and can be used efficiently in spray, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning processes.

Ensure that your equipment and tools are always ready for optimum use with ROBOTAN cleaners and enjoy first-class work results. Learn more about our solutions for workshop cleaning and focus on quality and efficiency.

ROBOTAN-680 Kanister


ROBOTAN 901* Kanister


Werkstattreiniger Kanister


SPRAY-FIX Intensivreiniger Knaiter mit Spruehflasche


Comprehensive workshop cleaning for flawless surfaces.

In a workshop, not only floors and tools, but also all other surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Our powerful surface cleaners are always the best choice. They guarantee reliable removal of oils, greases, lubricants and stubborn dirt.

Rely on our workshop cleaning expertise to ensure your work environment is always spotlessly clean. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning solutions and keep your shop in top condition.