Extensive and fast separation into solid matter and fluids is decisive when treating wastewater. This must be integrated smoothly into the process. Flocculation or flotation followed by filtration in line with the highest standards allows up to 90 percent of the organic wastewater pollution to be eliminated. This is because the flocculation products for treating wastewater that were developed by ROBOTCHEMIE have a dual effect when used in combination! You will find a selection of our flocculation products in our online shop.


Wastewater treatment ecologically and economically convincing

Each wastewater treatment process is different. Therefore, ROBITCHEMIE works with you to find a made-to-measure solution for your specific needs. Our flocculation agents are used successfully in the metal, paper and food industries. This demonstrates the sustainability factors and also the ecological and economic advantages to companies. Our laboratory is also able to develop processes for optimum treatment of wastewater for specific companies.

Solid matter is removed from wastewater containing clay or cellulose, and, depending on the process, partially dissolved organic and inorganic compounds are also removed from the wastewater.

Here, wastewater containing pigments, and sanding and rinsing water is treated; flocculation agents are also used precipitate/flocculate polishing emulsions, which ultimately leads to a noticeable reduction in the amount of wastewater.

Flocculation agents by ROBOTCHEMIE are used successfully to treat wastewater from painting processes. The filtered water can be fed into the wastewater, dried filter residues can be disposed of with the commercial waste.

The use of flocculation agents means that bacterial strains are treated so that product water can be used for several cycles leading to a significant decrease in water consumption

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