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Wastewater treatment

As a result of ever stricter environmental conditions and resources becoming scarcer, the reusability of process and wash water is gaining increasingly in importance. In many industrial processes, pulps are to be clarified or elutriates dehydrated. An extensive and rapid separation of solid matter and liquid is decisive. The same also applies for the treatment of drinking water and the cleaning of industrial and communal waste water.


In order to achieve a re-utilisation capability, the waste water is cleaned by flocculation or flotation and subsequent filtration, before it is returned to the process. The savings made by this process are up to 90 percent for waste disposal and water.

In order to enable this objective to be achieved, products are needed which provide far more than standard flocculants. ROBOTCHEMIE has developed flocculation products which develop a double effect as a combination product. With these products, elimination rates of more than 90 percent become possible in case of organic waste water contamination. Please find a selection of our flocculation products in our Online-Shop.

Our flocculants are used successfully, for example in the metal, paper, and food industries:

  • For the clarification of waste water containing clay and cellulose
  • For the processing of paintshop waste water
  • For the precipitation/flocculation of polishing emulsions
  • For the processing of bacterial strains in the food industry
  • For the flocculation of fermentation sludges

Every waste-water conditioning process is different - ROBOTCHEMIE offers matching flocculants, or will develop them, for your process according to your requirements.

Due to the diversity of types of waste water, flocculation products should be adapted to individual conditions. Our laboratory offers you a great number of services.

  • Application technologies and process-technical support and consultation
  • Customised product solutions for all waste-water types
  • Flocculation preliminary trials for the co-ordination of our flocculants to your conditions
  • Automation and dosing solutions for existing flocculation systems
  • Sampling support for representative sampling

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