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Membrane filtration

ROBOTCHEMIE is an expert in membrane filtration technology. Our speciality is chemical systems technology, which is tailored to the customer and considers his conditions and requirements in complete form. ROBOTCHEMIE masters a great number of filtration processes in order to cover all necessary aspects of filtration and to solve your filtration problem.

Our FILTRO series

Our permanently-filtering membrane systems of the type FILTRO can be used for water treatment, valuable material recovery, recycling and sewage treatment. A compact and modular structure enables simple integration into operating conditions.

The employment of micro-filtration, ultra-filtration and nano-filtration technology is very versatile. In all areas in which undissolved or dissolved materials should be separated from dilute media, filtration technology can be used effectively. The membrane separation technology offers a large application spectrum.

Diverse applications & projects

Agricultural industry

  • Liquid manure conditioning


  • Upgrade concentration of enzymes

Chemical industry

  • Waste-water elimination of formaldehyde from waste water
  • Elimination of organic connections from condensates of washing powder production

Energy industry

  • Particle elimination from heating oil

Automotive industry

  • Processing of waste water from car-wash lines: for the continuous separation of oils, greases and solid matter
  • Integrated, soiled-water regeneration system for trailers and truck superstructures

Refined-chemicals industry

  • Upgrade concentration of highly-refined intermediate products

Electroplating industry

  • Regenerative processing of electrolytically-operated, highly-concentrated acid baths: for the continuous separation of electrode sludge
  • Bath service life extension of corrosive liquids and acid baths in the electroforming industry: for the continuous separation of heavy metals, oils, greases and colloids
  • Sewage treatment of foundry waste water

Cosmetics industry

  • Decolourization and paint-particle removal from resulting waste water
  • Emulsion separation through ultra-filtration

Paint industry

  • Separation of paint pigments in electrical-immersion coating

Foodstuffs industry

  • Recovery of yeast through beer-yeast separation
  • Detachment and upgrade concentration of ferments
  • Processing of dairy produce

Metal industry

  • Bath service life extension of degreasing baths: Continuous separation of oils & greases, pigments and other solid matter
  • Processing of cooling lubrication emulsions and oil in water emulsions


  • Elimination of organic contamination of pharmaceutical waste water

Textile industry

  • Wash water preparation & water recovery