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An exact dosing is necessary in all industrial cleaning processes. The manual dosing of cleaners
and additives includes a great number of sources of errors. It is time-consuming and demands a high level
of experience and staff deployment. Inaccurate dosing leads not only to higher consumption in case of cleaners
and additives, it can also be responsible for worse results or faults within the process.

Our dosing systems combine thrift with optimum effectiveness. The compact
and modular construction design enables an effective and space-efficient employment.

Increase your flexibility and benefit from the advantages:

  • Resource and environment care through savings on cleaning agents and additives
  • Quality improvements through constant similar concentration and automated monitoring
  • Automatic recording of cleaning agent consumption
  • Improvement and stabilisation of the process
  • Optimisation of your process technology
  • Can be integrated into process data recording systems
  • Improvement of the occupational safety through avoidance of the handling of hazardous goods
  • Saving of working time
  • Realisation of economic advantages and economising potentials

ROBOTCHEMIE is your systems partner for compact dosing systems with manual or fully-automatic dosing of multiple-component cleaners and additives.

Our dosing technology is employed in:

  • Grease-removal systems in the strip steel industry
  • Spray greasing systems in the automotive industry
  • Exterior cleaning systems for rail, train, bus etc.

For the Facility Sector, we can offer you direct-dosing systems for high concentrates. Our direct-dosing systems are used in communal facilities, catering kitchens or hospitals.

As well as our dosing technology and our cleaners and additives, we offer you diverse services:

  • Application technologies and process-technical support and consultation
  • Customised product solutions for your sectors
  • Pre-tests for co-ordination to your conditions

Contact us for your individual quotation.