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Foam is undesirable in industry, with a few exceptions. It disturbs or interrupts production sequences and is a reason
for bad production yields or finished products of inferior quality. In order to prevent this, unnecessarily large anti-foaming
agent quantities are frequently used. The uneconomic employment not only increases costs,
it additionally stresses the environment.

ROBOTCHEMIE is your systems partner for anti-foaming systems and anti-foaming products
Our extensive product offer enables the employment of our anti-foaming agents in a great number of application sectors.
In order to dose anti-foaming agents point-exactly and demand-driven, with our anti-foaming system series type DEFOMAT, we offer you an automated possibility of detecting and eliminating any foam forming.

Benefit from the advantages of our combination of anti-foaming agents and technology:

  • Optimise your process technology
  • Reduce downtimes due to foam formation
  • Improve the quality of your products through reduced foam amount
  • Take proactive care of resources and environment by the use of automation and economic anti-foaming agent
  • Realise economic advantages and economising potentials

Our anti-foaming agents are used successfully in the following:

  • Paper industry, for example in the preparation and application of coatings
  • Paint industry, for example as degassing auxiliary material in the manufacture and application of dyes and paints
  • Food industry, for example in flushing and waste water
  • Metal industry, for example in waste water processes

As an extension to our anti-foaming agents and our anti-foaming technology, we offer you diverse laboratory services:

  • Application technologies and process-technical support and consultation
  • Customised product solutions for your sectors
  • Anti-foaming experiments for co-ordination to your conditions

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