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ROBOTCHEMIE, a chemical company with head office in NRW, Germany, is your producer of special products for water treatment and waste water conditioning.

In case of many industrial processes, sludges are to be clarified or elutriates are to be dehydrated. Mostly an extensive and rapid separation of solid matter and liquid is decisive. The same applies for the processing of drinking water and the cleaning of industrial and communal waste water. As a result of environmental conditions in industrial operations which are becoming ever more strict, the reusability of process and wash water is  increasing in importance.

In order to achieve re-utilization capability, the waste water is cleaned by flocculation or flotation and subsequent filtration, before it is routed back into the production process.This process has decisive advantages: Savings in waste disposal costs and on water costs of up to 90 percent.

In order to enable the achievement of this objective, however, products are needed which perform far more than standard flocculants.

We have developed flocculation products which, as combination products, realize a double effect. In the basic form, these products include a primary flocculant, extended by the content of a high-polymer flocculation aid, the secondary flocculant. With these products, elimination rates of the organic waste water contamination of more than 90 percent are possible.

Due to the diversity of waste water types, the flocculation products must always be adapted to individual conditions. Our in-house laboratory analyzes your waste water and your waste water process. In a series of preliminary tests, we determine the flocculant type with the optimum function. Our laboratory can refer back to a great number of test possibilities in this case. In this way, we ensure that at all times you use the best flocculant in optimum dosing.

Every waste water conditioning process is different - ROBOTCHEMIE has the necessary expertise and experience to offer matching flocculants for your process or to develop matching flocculants according to your requirements.



flocculation test
Flockungsautomat Test
clear filtrate
klare Probe nach Flockung ROBOTCHEMIE