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Microfiltration and ultrafiltration – ROBOTCHEMIE service package

ROBOTCHEMIE microfiltration and ultrafiltration plants are used for the regenerative treatment of cleaning and pickling baths.

Normally, a buffer vessel is filled first with the cleaning bath solution used for treatment. The cleaning solution used for filtering is then concentrated in batches. The filtrate / permeate is continuously fed back into the cleaning bath, and the soiled concentrate is drained at a drainage point when a certain concentration is reached (or can be concentrated further by available coarse dirt separating elements).

The process is fully-automated, and is maintained at high availability by ROBOTCHEMIE as part of maintenance and repair services.

All installed systems and vessels are equipped with depressurised safety overflows so that stoppages and failures of plant components do not lead to outages on the entire system.

We would be happy to provide you with an individual, non-binding cost-benefit analysis which takes into account the specific conditions within your company.

Our product range includes the following:

Basic plant components

  • Depending on the medium to be treated: Stainless steel or PP / PVDF design
  • MF / UF module with ceramic design
  • Pump system (comprised of a feed pump and supply pumps) for the withdrawal and elimination of aqueous media
  • Buffer vessel as operating vessel for the filtration process
  • Automatic filter module cleaning system

Process controlling and optional extras

  • With Siemens technology for fully-automated or semi-automated operation
  • Optional version with visualisation and control monitoring systems
  • Online functions for monitoring, maintenance and process alterations

Special option: Remote process control system

  • Optional remote process control module for safeguarding maintenance and repair services
  • Software for evaluating the process data
  • Individual visualisation of process elements possible in the control room

Special option: Filtration process control system

  • Our plants can be optionally equipped with the following process control systems for monitoring the filtration process:

    • Volume flow measurement for permeate / filtrate
    • Conductivity measurement for monitoring the concentration
    • Temperature measurement
    • Pressure measurement
    • Turbidity measurement
    • Surface tension measurement

Special option: External dosing station

  • For automatic supplementation of deviations in concentration

    • Conductivity is controlled
    • Surface tension is controlled


Keyboard operating fields for dosing the desired media are installed as standard on our microfiltration and ultrafiltration plants.


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