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With very few exceptions, foams are not desired in industry. They disturb or interrupt production sequences and are a frequent reason for impaired production yields or low-quality finished products.

 In order to prevent this, large quantities of anti-foaming agent are frequently used. However, this uneconomic employment not only increases costs, it can also contaminate the environment unnecessarily.

ROBOTCHEMIE is your system partner for anti-foaming systems and anti-foaming agents.

Our extensive product range on offer enables the deployment of our anti-foaming agents in a great many fields of application.

In order to enable a dosing of anti-foaming agents which is point-exact and demand-driven, we offer you an automated possibility with our anti-foaming system type DEFOMAT, which can detect and eliminate arising foam. Profit from automation, save valuable resources and make use of the resulting economic advantage.

ROBOTCHEMIE is your system partner for anti-foaming products and automated anti-foaming technology. Contact us.