Membrane technology with many possibilities

Our permanently filtering membrane systems of the type FILTRO are used to treat water and wastewater, recover resources and manage recirculation. Its compact and modular design allows easy integration into individual operating processes.

Micro, ultra and nano filtration systems are used in a wide range of areas. Wherever undissolved or dissolved substances are removed from watery media, filtration technology is used efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly way. The membrane technology has a wide range of possibilities in this field.


Efficient and environmentally friendly

ROBOTCHEMIE can draw up offers for made-to-measure and customised membrane filtration wastewater treatment systems for a variety of industrial sectors. Be it the treatment of wastewater in the chemical or metal industry through to electroplating: ROBOTCHEMIE has the right solutions so that we can work together to find efficient and environmentally-friendly processes.

As experts, we know the relevant requirements are best identified in practice, which is why we like to receive samples in advance and discuss the current situation with you in an initial meeting. After a subsequent analysis, we agree a date for one of our specialists to come to your premises.

We work together to find a wastewater recovery solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Reduce your consumption of chemicals and costs for treating wastewater by up to 90 percent. The higher utilization level that is created because downstream cleaning processes, stop & go situations or periodic bath changes are avoided, leads to higher productivity and lower labour costs, whilst at the same time improving health & safety because fewer hazardous substances need to be handled.

The amount of wastewater and the level of clean water can also be minimised by up to 90 percent. Using nano filtration technology in the wastewater process saves costs, because less chemicals are needed as the contaminants are filtered out in a physical process. Also, the cross-flow method means that no filters need to be replaced.

Any questions?

We like to advise our clients on a personal level to ensure that they can achieve optimum cleaning results. We will be happy to advise you individually about all the various possibilities. Contact us without any obligations. We will get back to you.