As chemical water treatment experts we know the demands company face if they want to take a forward-thinking approach But is it worthwhile investing in sustainable membrane filtration? What impact will this have on the operating process, and what does the balance say at the end of the day? Test us and our leasing systems for wastewater treatment.

We carry out a screening test to identify the individual circumstances on site. If membrane filtration will achieve the results you want, we will draw up a made-to-measure offer and scale the pilot systems technology to meet your needs once the order has been placed. Book additional service options as required. On-site management, remote maintenance or training: ROBOTCHEMIE offers you a wide range of possibilities.


After the end of the lease period you can choose to either extend the lease period or, if you are very satisfied with the technology, to buy the leased object. As a leasing customer, you have the option to buy throughout the leasing period. Has our system technology has impressed you, but you would like a different filtration system with customised features? We will develop a filtration system for you that meets all your requirements.

Any questions?

We like to advise our clients on a personal level to ensure that they can achieve optimum cleaning results. We will be happy to advise you individually about all the various possibilities. Contact us without any obligations. We will get back to you.