Suitable for removing grease and clean workpieces, motors and car parts, cold cleaners and degreasers remove oils, grease, bitumen, plastics, paint and resins.

For use in water-spray painting systems or painting machines The paint is turned into an discharge-capable form and the water circulation life is increased.

For binding very fine foreign components in water and other media. Almost all the foreign components can be removed by means of filtration.

To remove unwanted foam, for instance when making paper, cleaning wastewater or in washing cycles.

Suitable for various industrial applications. for instance to remove grease, oils and other dirt particles, and sanding or polishing paste for removing rust or lime.

To remove grease, oils and other soiling before further process steps. Ideal for prolonging the bath life.

Fluids compounds to improve the surface quality of workpieces during lapping and vibratory finishing – naturally, adjusted to your individual requirements

To support the skin pass process for optimised skin pass degree control for iron, steel, zinc and zinc/magnesium surfaces. We can modify special oil for other materials individually.

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