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The cleaning agent requirement for road-traffic vehicles is diverse and the requirements on sustainability
and efficiency are high. Ecological protection of resources and emission reductions are becoming increasingly
more important.Persons and the environment should be stressed by the cleaning products as little as possible.
The tightening up of waste water laws requires biologically degradable products, while at the same time optimum cleaning
results should be achieved. ROBOTCHEMIE has incorporated and accompanied these laws already over many years of development.
Our products for vehicle and railway cleaning are designed so that they are oriented to different requirements.

Vehicle cleaning
ROBOTCHEMIE offers you a comprehensive product range covering the subject of motor vehicle cleaning. Our products in the automotive sector fulfil the strict criteria of the DEKRA Standard for motor vehicles. As a result of user-oriented tests, as well as tests on the oil separation capability in case of motor cleaners, corrosion tests for aluminium rims or paint compatibility test, we assure the trouble-free and effective employment of our product.

Railway and train cleaning
Our product range for railway cleaning products is completely oriented to the strict requirements of Deutsche Bahn directives. In case of our railway cleaning products, we place the highest demands on material compatibility, paint compatibility, corrosion protection for lightweight construction parts and waste-water compatibility. We consider the latest technologies and materials in case of body and interior compartment in the new and continued development of our products.

Our offer includes cleaners for:

  • Exterior cleaning for summer/winter operation
  • Interior cleaning products for different surfaces and materials
  • Graffiti remover
  • Special products for machine cleaning and under-floor cleaning

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