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The requirements on cleaning products and additives for the industry are complex. Customers from the most varied sectors, from small and medium-sized companies to large industrial plants, trust in ROBOTCHEMIE as an innovative and reliable partner.

Our chemical technology supports you in the identification of your cleaning challenge. Our research and development department designs cleaning products which optimally support your process and guarantee problem solutions which are individual, economical and compatible with the environment.

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Below we give you some examples of our product ranges from our Industry series. In case of industrial products, different information related to your application should be known before product recommendation.

A personal consultation is especially important for us, so that you achieve an optimum cleaning result. Here you can find the contact form.

Please also find a selection of different cleaning agents for applications in industry in our Online-Shop.

Our cleaning series for industry includes:

Cold cleaner / degreaser

For the degreasing and cleaning of workpieces, motors, automobile parts etc.                              Cold cleaners / degreasers dissolve (among other things) oils, greases, bitumen, plastics, paints and resins.


Coagulation agent

For employment in water-sprinkled paint-coating systems or automatic-painting machines. The paint is brought to a application-capable form and the service life of the water circulation system increased.



For binding the finest external component parts in water or other media. The external components can be removed almost completely by filtration. You can find out more about this under systems technology.

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Anti-foaming agent

For the removal of unwanted foam formation e.g. with paper manufacture, sewage treatment or washing procedures. You can find out more about this under systems technology.

Anti-Foam Agents

Ultrasonic cleaner

Additives for different applications in industrial and handicraft companies for the removal of grease, oil, dirt particles, grinding and polishing pastes, rust removals, decalcification etc.

Ultrasonic cleaners

Immersion bath cleaner

For the removal of grease, oil and other contaminants before further processing. Ideal for the extension of the bath service life. Individual development for your process and product


Lapping and sliding grinding agents

Liquid compounds for the improvement of the surface quality in workpieces in case of lapping and sliding grinding. Best suited to different dosing systems. Can be adapted to your process.

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Temper-pass agent

Supports the dressing process for optimum temper-pass degree for iron, zinc and zinc/magnesium surfaces.  Special products for further materials. Individually adaped to your process


We will be glad to advise you regarding different possibilities. Here you can find the contact form.