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Professional products for your home. You have certainly heard this promise many times. The consumer products of ROBOTCHEMIE make good on this promise.

Due to our high-quality cleaning agents for commercial applications, there are also private persons who have got to know our products, for example at their workplace, and have come to hold them in high esteem and now also wish to use the products privately. A one-to-one transfer of the products in the private sector is not appropriate for different reasons: Industrial cleaners are frequently designed for extreme contamination conditions, as they do not occur in the private environment. A dilution of the cleaner must be implemented in order to exclude damage to surfaces and material. Particularly in case of strongly acidic or alkaline cleaners, the proper protective equipment which would guarantee safe handling is mostly not kept in the household. Serious accidents can be the result. Industrial containers are mostly more than simply impractical for domestic applications.

With the Lupina series, ROBOTCHEMIE has developed a product line especially for end users, which does not lag the industrial series in effectiveness and yield.

The individual requirements of a private household are considered optimally. Container sizes and dosing possibilities are adapted so that our products achieve the best-possible effect in your home and work economically and nevertheless effectively. In addition, we can offer special products for special cleaning challenges. Profit from our experience. Please find our product series at

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Are you looking to have your product line for end users which can impress and support your brands, or do you wish to have an individual cleaning line produced?

Find out more about our development and individual solutions here under Private Label and laboratory and service performances.

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