ROBOTCHEMIE offers you an extensive range of defaming agents and the matching systems – suitable for every application field. We have already won customers in the paper and paint industries and the food and metal industries who were impressed by our possibilities. Because the results reflect the company goals. Our defoaming system series type DEFOMAT is ideal for dosing defoaming agents accurately as needed. This automatically detects and eliminates foam that is created.

Our team of experts checks the individual circumstances before drawing up a made-to-measure offer. This happens based on initial examination in our company or our laboratory. Just ask us.


Foams are usually a no-go in industrial operations as they interrupt production processes and have a negative impact on the quality of the end products. The unnecessary use of large amounts of defoaming agents can counter this but involves higher costs and leads to a poorer environmental balance.

ROBOTCHEMIE delivers made-measure solutions for defoaming agents that meet your individual requirements. The combination of your systems with the versatility of defoaming agents allows you to improve the quality of your products by creating less foam and also reducing costs and utilizing savings potential.

We will help you use defoaming agents in the wet-end area and for coating paints or glue mixes. For instance, in the paper coating field where air bubbles would be detrimental for the finishing process and the quality of the final coat.

ROBOTCHEMIE defoaming products are used in the paint industry, e.g. when manufacturing dispersions. Using our products leads to the proven improvement in quality of paints and lacquers.

Boost efficiency and save production costs: in particular, when foam is created in mash or fermentation tanks or mixers, ROBOTCHEMIE can minimise pressure and time losses and also reduce the separation work and backmixing.

Foam is created during washing, sorting and sieving – this makes work harder and leads to a higher energy consumption and poorer results. Use the best defoaming products to achieve the best results!

Any questions?

We like to advise our clients on a personal level to ensure that they can achieve optimum cleaning results. We will be happy to advise you individually about all the various possibilities. Contact us without any obligations. We will get back to you.